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HRRC – E007 – Butsu Kakeru Eargasm GOTY Editionida

Oh hey guys, ready for Volume I?! We’re back with a supercast! For the first time ever we’ve smashed all the videogame podcasts in our immidiate circle in to one production! Featuring The DRM Gamecast Crew: MR BLACKMAGIK, DOA hed and Rand al Thor. The Gamerscore Popcast affiliated: Pigimus Prime. CKJFacts one and only CoolKidJoe.…

HRRC – E006 – Coming…In Threes!

We’re coming…all over the place, special guest Arnie the videogame bodybuilder. The games we discuss: Telltale Games Presents: Tales from the Borderlands, Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, Thomas Was Alone, Threes!, Boom Ball for Kinect, GTAV, Geometry War 3: Dimensions, LIMBO, Warframe & more On this episode: @TotallyKrispix // @xRogue5x // @itssilv4 //…